Fitness Coaching

Here's what you won't find here.

You won't find products for sale. You won't find gimmicky programs. You won't find outlandish claims or flashy marketing.

I'm a coach. A genuinely passionate coach who absolutely loves the challenge of understanding my clients on an individual level. Beyond having kids and marrying my wife... I'm not sure there's anything quite like the magic of witnessing clients make breakthroughs.

Sure, this is about looking better. But far more than that, it's about being better. A better version of yourself. Looking better is merely the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface is feeling better, improved functionality, graceful aging, strength gains, confidence, feelings of competence and worthiness, pride, self-belief and compassion, and so much more.

Having the amazing opportunity to play a part in these transformations is something I'm beyond grateful for. There are still days where I wake up in disbelief that this is my job. I get to make a living doing something that I truly love.

That's where you come in. Are you my next client?

Spots are limited and I only work with those folks who are truly ready to try their hands at a different (and better) way. If you feel this might be you, drop me a line and let's talk about your situation.

Personal Training

When I tell people that I'm an online fitness coach, they tend to stare at me like I have 3 eyes. "You do what now? Is that like where you're doing videos for people to follow?"

Yeah, uh... no.

It's important to discern between training and coaching.

In most gyms you'll find "fitness professionals" who are supposedly armed to help you reach your goals. They're typically fit, wearing a polo shirt, rocking a clipboard, and have at least a personal training certificate.

They're likely knowledgeable enough to tell you how to execute exercises properly. Although nowadays I'm seeing more and more of them run their clients through the gamut of machines. As if the pictures on the machines weren't enough... now you need to pay someone $60-$100/hr to stand there and look at his phone as he counts off reps.

But I digress...

They're also supposed to have sufficient competence to piece together these exercises into programs that are individually tailored to help you toward your goals. Instead, I find that most wind up randomly assigning a list of exercises that are meant to work you over rather than work for you. Big difference there.

What most personal trainers are good at is talking at you. They know what they think they know and they get off on trying to give that knowledge to you - regardless of whether or not you're ready for it. This, quite possibly, is the biggest wrinkle in the fitness industry today. Personal trainers think the way to fix people is by throwing programs and diets at them. If you have a dysfunctional relationship with food, however, all these programs and diets are going to strengthen the dysfunction. Meeting clients where they're at and starting there... no matter how small... is what's lost on the vast majority of trainers today.

Don't get me wrong. There are some very good personal trainers out there. They're in the minority, though. I'd wager that less than 10% are truly qualified and worth trading money for guidance. This actually played a big role in my decision to move more heavily into online coaching. There are more people competing for quality trainers than the pool of quality trainers can handle. Most people won't have a single worthy trainer in their location.


How does coaching differ from training?

Where training is about instructing, coaching is about guiding. Being able to teach someone about exercise and nutrition is one thing. Getting them to actually show up for themselves consistently and execute... that's something entirely different.

Coaching transcends the art of exercise and nutritional programming. Of course it entails these things... but rather than training and food being at the core of the relationship, it's you. It's about relating to you on a human level first and foremost and honoring your values, circumstances, and mindset.

It's about meeting you where you're at and tailoring my advise to create sustainable behavior change over time. It's about teaching rather than commanding. It's about testing, reflecting, and adjusting rather than passing or failing. It's rooted in helping you develop a mindset that's based on self-love and self-compassion where it's more about behaving in accordance with your best self more than anything else.

If you're looking for a guide rather than a drill instructor... someone who will hold you accountable, listen to you rather than lecture, give you choices rather than bark commands, and most importantly... elicit change and progress... this is really something you want to at least entertain as an option. If you feel that you're lacking the discipline, willpower, and commitment to change for good... this is for you.

Features of Coaching

Brain-icon Mindset coaching - improving the conversations you have with yourself on a day to day basis

buddies An empathetic ear and honest feedback from a coach who's as human & compassionate as they come

device The use of apps such as google sheets, calorie trackers, and habit trackers when applicable

tracking Tracking that matters - changing things up because it's time rather than "just because"

clipboard Program tailored to your experience, injury history, equipment availability, schedule, preferences, & goals

FoodDietary guidelines that honor your preferences in relation to tracking/counting vs. habits

coachingA seasoned coach at a fraction of the cost of in-person training who acts as a fiduciary to your fitness

graduationcap Customized educational material to help you understand the whys behind the advice

envelope Unlimited email access as well as texting and calls when necessary

Let's Talk

While this service certainly isn't for everyone, if you feel that it's possibly something you'd like to learn more about, please fill out the form below and let's have a conversation about you.

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