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The Problem

Without fail I encounter people who seem fired up beyond belief to pursue and conquer lofty goals. Just today someone told me they’re interested in losing 50 lbs over the course of the next 25 weeks. They reasoned that it’s more than realistic to lose weight at a clip of 2 lbs per week for 25 weeks straight.

Is it possible?


Would the progress have staying power?

Probably not.

The thing about weight loss is it’s either triggered by huge bursts of effort over a short period of time or it’s trickled along by tiny behavior changes over a long span of time. Think cutting out all carbs and exercising daily vs. choosing to replace 2 of your calorie containing beverages with water.

In order to up and start losing weight at a clip of 2 lbs per week over 25 weeks, you would have to drastically overhaul your lifestyle. It would definitely fall into the huge bursts of effort camp. We’re likely talking going from zero to lots of exercise. We’re likely talking about dropping hoards of bad nutritional habits while simultaneously forcing all sorts of healthy ones. We’re likely talking about changing social routines. And we’re likely talking about exerting a ton of willpower to grit past the “old habits that are still freshly lurking behind the scenes

What’s more is the fact that the huge burst approach leads to a sole focus on outcomes. Out of mind is the idea of a process of tiny habits. “Who needs tiny habits when I’m feeling gung ho right now? I really want to take advantage of all this motivation that’s oozing out of me - strike while the iron’s hot!”

I know you can relate to that mentality. You’ve lost weight before. Reflect back to those other times. The motivation wanes. The novelty wears off. And before long you’re caught up feeling anxious about having to stick with this giant plan. And the anxiety eventually turns to resentment toward the commitment. And this almost always leads to rebellion. We all know what follows rebellion. Guilt! And eventually the guilt either leads to avoiding the thought of getting in shape altogether - at least for a while - or it starts you back at step one making massive commitments that are rooted in deprivation and struggle.



It’s Time For a Change

The big burst approach is a sham. Plain and simply. It sells well. There is no shortage of 7-day detoxes, 21-day fixes, and 30-day challenges. They’re everywhere. They’re very good at sucking you in. Because they do provide results, albeit temporary, they solidify the belief that they work. When the weight comes back, it’s you, not them. You never conceptualize the idea that the diet or program failed you. It’s always a matter of you failing the diet or program. A mindset is created where you truly believe you simply have to find the right product or approach.

Multiply this by millions of people and you have the stage for the current weight loss industry. It’s sort of like shooting fish in a barrel for the marketing experts. Our culture keeps getting fatter and they keep getting richer by selling false hopes and promises to the desperate.

It's a broken system creating broken people.

My Best Me Group Coaching is the antithesis of the big burst approach. It's not about seeing how much weight you can lose in the next 30 or even 60 days. Instead we’re focused on establishing a new normal for you to operate with forever. Rather than brute forcing the weight off with lots of rigid rules, we’re interested in teasing out real change - slowly but surely - by establishing new habits that meet you where you are.

What you’re left with in the end is true behavioral evolution.


Why Slow?

It should be clear now that the missing ingredient in most weight loss plans today is long term adherence. The unsuccessful dieting experiences from your past should attest to this. All of these flashy programs are too dang uncomfortable to use longterm.

One of my favorite nutrition authors, Georgie Fear, says it best in her groundbreaking book, Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss, when she says, "It’s like having a rock in your shoe to be on a diet. You handle it for a while, but eventually you want to fling it away."

That's how most of your previous approaches have gone I'm guessing. There's always a reversion to the "old you" after awhile. While you made physical change, you neglected the parts "under the hood." Physical change does not equal mental change. Mental change is the cement used to hold physical change in place for the long term. Without it, you're really just temporarily renting a better body.

Coming full circle to the question, "Why slow?"... mental change happens at a much slower pace than physical change. You can't take the jackhammer style approach to it the same way you can your weight. When you allow enough time for mental change to keep pace with the physical changes, amazing things happen from the perspective of sustainability.

The people you see who seem to effortlessly lose fat and keep it off... they've figured this out. It's time to set aside everything you've tried and learn this system yourself.


Our Solution

Mental change, aka habit evolution, is really about the acquisition of new skills. Just as we would never expect a child to learn algebra before learning basic addition and subtraction, I would never expect you to jump straight to leading the sort of life that will build your best body, where all habits are firing on all cylinders.

There's a finite amount of energy we have to allocate toward new habit formation. Most of these programs have you spreading this energy over far too many variables all at once. While this leads to that initial jolt of weight loss, it never allows any one variable to receive the proper amount of attention. As soon as willpower runs low, you're overwhelmed and the reversion to the "old you" happens.

Our solution is to concentrate this energy on only a couple of skills at a time. This promotes skill mastery. As one skill is mastered and made habit, another is introduced. Essentially we're laying new skills into place over time at a pace that matches your level of readiness. We meet you where you are. We flirt with - rather than blow right by - the boundaries of your comfort zone. From this process, your new normal is forged over time where quality behavior is hardwired into your way of life.

Weight loss isn't something you focus on... rather it's simply a byproduct of the process that you're learning to embrace as new skills are learned.


What You'll Get

  • A resistance training program that can be tailored to meet your experience and equipment availability. Whether you're training at home with minimal equipment or training in a large commercial gym, you'll be able to use this program.
  • Optional cardiovascular exercise recommendations.
  • A manual that covers the basics of our nutritional philosophy.
  • Guidance on the habits we'll be installing into your life.
  • A community of likeminded people to gain support, accountability, and togetherness.
  • A seasoned coach that's fully at your disposal who wants nothing more than to guide you in your personal evolution
  • Daily interaction with other members of the community
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Skills you can use to maintain lifelong results

Ultimately this all wraps up into a roadmap toward lasting change. It's important to acknowledge the fact that any given outcome is merely the sum total of thousands of tiny choices. Any destination reached by many tiny steps. You - right now - are equipped to start making the sort of choices that are required for lasting change to occur. You simply needed the right environment, the right community, and the right guidance to empower you into action.

It’s not about becoming a better you eventually. It’s about BEING your best you right now! It’s learning how to think in the moment the same way the best version of yourself would think. It’s about more than food and exercise. It’s about autonomy and acceptance. It’s about learning how to have self-compassion and a process based mindset. It's about maximizing the quality of your life rather than hitting some arbitrary number on the scale.

This course will provide you with the real tools needed to make lasting change. Finally there's a solution that doesn't fail you in the long run and I'm very excited to share this with you.

Are you ready to learn a better way and change your life once and for all?

Click below to inquire about the January group opening. Once the maximum number of spaces is filled, the doors will be closed until the next round of group coaching is opened. I can't rightly say when this will be since this is my first run at group coaching. I'm guessing 3-6 months.


Who's It For?

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This is a community for novice to intermediate fitness people who want to get stronger at thinking and lifting. It's for people who want to ditch the all-or-nothing mindset and focus on what they can do rather than what they can't. It'f for people who want to open up to new ways of creating permanent change - without extreme diets or workouts. It's for people who want to focus on skills around food rather than numbers.

Ideally you are at least willing to lift some weights a couple of times per week. You have to be okay with the idea of slowing down progress in order to make room for skill mastery. You're likely someone who's sick and tired of trying to figure out how to stick to a plan.

Physically your goals are to shed some pounds and get fitter.

Mentally your goals are all about becoming the best version of yourself so you can live your life better.

You also have to be okay with using Facebook. A private Facebook group will be the platform for the community.


How Much Does It Cost?

Most group coaching platforms charge you $100-$200 per month. I believe that cost is justifiable if the right coach is at the helm. Consider for a moment that working with a quality trainer in-person is going to run you $50-$100 PER SESSION.

That's exactly why I've seen such high demand for my one-on-one coaching that I charge $175/mo for. I actually have some clients who currently utilize my one-on-one web coaching service now who once were in-person clients. When training with me in my gym they were paying me in the tune of $400-$600 per month. Now they're paying me $175/mo. And frankly, I feel more connected to them and they feel more connected to me than ever before.

While I've always hovered toward the lower end of the rate spectrum compared to my competitors, I plan on running this group coaching at $100/mo. However...

Given that this is my first group coaching experiment, I'm going to discount the price by 50%! This will be the only time you can gain access to me, this system, and the community for $50/mo. The next round of group coaching will run $100/mo.

If you would like to get in on this first round, please click below and start the application process.