I'm playing in a different arena than most health and fitness professionals. It's not about being an elitist or anything like that. It's just that I see things very differently than most. To me, a lack of fitness is a human issue that can't be fixed with sets, reps, calories, and macros alone. You can't throw numbers at someone who's mindset isn't ready to implement them. You can't prescribe a rigid program to someone whose self-esteem and self-worth are in the gutter. 

I think the expectation of most fitness professionals is here ------------------------------------------->

And your actual level of readiness is here ->

This isn't a knock on you or your worthiness. Hardly! It's simply the nature of what it means to be human crashing into the very superficial perspectives from which most fitness professionals operate. You're playing a rigged game. Our culture has pressured you into feeling like losing weight is something you have to do. In order to be worthy enough, successful enough, attractive enough, and loved enough... you have to be skinny. That's heavy (no pun intended). And completely bogus. Yet it's what our culture has installed in your mind as fact. Pressure on this level, where you feel like you have no choice, is coercive. Being coerced into change never works for long. Your inner rebel will always lash out sooner than later. You can't hate yourself worthy.

If that weren't enough, the standard fitness arena has leveraged this coercive pressure from our culture for profit. It takes your desperations and uses them as a target to throw overhyped, magical-sounding products and services at. The fancier and harder to stick to, the better the system tends to sell since you feel you have to punish yourself into compliance. As one of my favorite researchers and authors, Brené  Brown, likes to say, you fall into the trap of hustling for your worthiness. You feel as if you're at war against yourself and your body. The fitness industry has gotten very good at selling your products and services that generate temporary results. 

The net is this normalization of  systems that work against you. You keep beating yourself up for failing yet it's nearly impossible to gain access to the guidance you need. You turn to the market for solutions and the solid advice is drowned out by lies, scams, and hype.

There's a better way. I promise.

I'm about to shine light on a distant corner of the industry that's rarely talked about. I'm not special. I don't have the secrets. It's just that it's easier to sell out in this industry than it is to truly meet people where they are and relate to them with compassion, respect, and patience. In relative terms, there are very few experts in the field who are helping people learn the skills necessary for permanent change.  Why? Because it's not easy. It takes time. And it can't be monetized as easily. 

It's time for a different approach. It's time to stop the viscous cycle. It's time to fall in love with the process and yourself. It's time for your hard work to lead to lasting change.

If you're looking for the next magic pill or gimmick, my coaching services aren't for you. They're also not for you if you're looking for a meal plan, a rapid fat loss diet, or a fancy exercise program that promises physique overhaul in 3 months.

Essentially, if you're looking for fast and easy, please hit the back button right now. 

If you are looking for the sort of change that's going to mean something to you for the rest of your life, please learn more about my coaching services below.

So how am I different?

For starters, I firmly believe that the gap between where you are today and where you'd like to be in the future is comprised mostly of skills that you currently lack. That should be one of the most amazing things you've heard in a long time. You haven't struggled with fitness because you're flawed or because you suck. You simply haven't learned all the skills you need in order to manage your relationship with food, movement, body, and self yet. Yet! That's the operative word. You're in the process of becoming. You're in the middle of something. And you're fully capable of learning new skills.

Secondly, I believe that these skills include a lot of things that the traditional fitness arena isn't focusing on. Things like mindset, emotional awareness, vulnerability, love, belonging, failing forward, flexibility, and more. 

Thirdly, it's critical to pair the concept of acquiring skills with the concept of meeting yourself where you are right now. This is what's lost on the fitness industry. The players in it know a lot. A LOT! They can break the exercise and nutrition sciences down into the nitty grittiest of details. The perfect number of grams of protein. The exact training frequency. The perfect timing of carbs. How many meals. What foods. How much cardio. How many sets and reps. Which supplements. When, what, how, where. All of this before they even really know you, your history, and your situation.

I want you to learn all the skills. So do they. The difference? I want the pace to match you. They want you to learn all of them right now which coincides perfectly with your sense of urgency in your hustle for worthiness. When you're dealing with the average professional in the fitness arena, it's usually like being forced to drink water from a firehose. What I've found is that by taking small, steady sips instead that actually relate to the level of thirst you're feeling right now, the space is created for learning that lasts. For experimentation. For self-compassion and acceptance as you go from 0 to 100 skill by skill rather than all at once. It's about practice. The pressure isn't on. There's no race. There's no need for championship level performance. 

This is what meeting you where you're at is all about.

You see... I truly believe that your potential is nearly limitless. However, I also believe that you haven't even begun to scratch the surface of your potential. Your potential is engaged when your start this journey from a place that makes sense for YOU. There's real magic that happens when you match where you're at right now with a process of acquiring skills. You build belief. A sense of competence. You build credibility with yourself. When you're not drinking from a firehose, you can actually hold down what you're swallowing.

My coaching certainly entails individualized guidance on the exercise and nutrition fronts. However, these things are built on top of a human foundation.

If you're ready to approach your journey from a different angle, the trailhead sits below.

Work intimately with a coach who's on-call to support, educate, and guide you toward your fitness goals using sane methods that meet you where you are. We'll focus on mindset, movement, and food.


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